Stud Bolt – ASTM A 320 L7 Dia M16

Stud Bolt – ASTM A 320 L7 Dia M16

  • Specification – BS4882
  • Material – ASTM A320
  • Diameter – M16
  • Grade – L7


Stud bolts are used for joining parts, equipment, flanges and permanent fixtures in several industrial applications. These are available in a wide range of sizes and lengths, in double-end and tap-end configurations. They are also available with full-body bolts and thread bolts. The stud bolts of Raziq Technical Solutions are powerful, durable and high-performing.

Length(L) Thread Per Inch
60MM 2.0
65MM 2.0
70MM 2.0
75MM 2.0
80MM 2.0
85MM 2.0
90MM 2.0
95MM 2.0

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