Threaded Bar

The threaded bar is a metal rod that is threaded from end to end. It is available in various types, lengths, and materials. Threaded bars are the most versatile products available for fastening materials. The main use of threaded bars is to fasten wood and metal objects together, they can also be used to add stability to wood or concrete. It is also used in plumbing applications.

Threaded rods are versatile products, that are popular in several industries including agricultural, construction, and electrical. In Industries they are ideal due to corrosive conditions and in other areas that have high levels of humidity.

Threaded rods cal also be found in plumbing and contractor fields due to cleanliness and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The threaded bar is mainly of two types. Right-hand thread and Left-hand threaded bar.

Right-hand thread is most commonly supplied where a clockwise rotation will tighten.
Left-hand thread is used for situations where vibration might cause a right-hand thread to loosen.

Raziq Technical Solutions, threaded bars suppliers in UAE provide both right/left threads at opposite ends, for specific applications. ACME or Trapezium thread which has a 29° angle and provides a high load-bearing capacity is also available.

Threaded bars are available in a wide range of materials, including Steel, Stainless steel, Brass, Titanium, and Aluminium. Steel includes various grades, as well as A2 and A4 Stainless steel. Nylon is increasing in popularity as it is a cost-effective option that is sturdy, lightweight, and non-corrosive.

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